Organized Packing & Quick Moves

At McLemorreshorse Transport & Long Distance Moving, we have been in business for several years building up a solid name in our market of transport.  While we had humble beginnings and started small with a team size you could count on one hand, we are proud to say our reliable local moving taskforce has steadily grown and we now offer additional services not possible before.

For great deals in organized packing and quick moves locally, call up our team at McLemmoreshorse Transport & Long Distance Moving to handle the job in little to no time.  One of the most frustrating steps of the moving process can be the beginning, when we’re stuck organizing and packing up a huge laundry list of items you probably lost track of somewhere along your busy schedule.

Truly organized packers at an affordable price can be hard to find, but at McLemmoreshorse Transport & Long Distance Moving we have years of first-hand experience in wrapping your delicate or personal items carefully and thoroughly with efficient packing materials, tailored to whatever it needs to protect during your belongings’ trip on the road.  We understand that you may be concerned about who is handling your personal items and so we make sure to background check all of our employees.

If you are only planning on doing a quick move in the local area, often times we at McLemorreshorse Transport & Long Distance Moving can handle the task within the same day that you call us.  See us for a free quote today.