McLemorreshorse Transport & Moving

Moving is usually an expensive process when you just call the big brand name companies to do it.  Having only “two guys” do your packing and mover services may seem like the way to save money, but there are so many more benefits that you can have when you call a local transport & moving company instead.  That’s where McLemorreshorse Transport & Moving comes in– we are a locally owned and operated business with the best prices around and a full menu of services to accommodate a variety of customer needs.

We can handle small moves as well as interstate and long distance destinations.  And McLemorreshorse also moves every type of belonging that you could think of:  treadmill?  Art?  Upright or even grand pianos?  Stone top tables?  Even bulky bed sets like sleep numbers won’t be a problem with our mobile moving experts!  We understand that your valuable possessions require meticulous organization and care, and our team has the years of experience to get your belongings to the next stop in your journey, safely and soundly.

In addition to residential moving, McLemorreshorse Transport & Moving can also have commercial movers too.  When it comes to this sector of the business, only our most experienced team mates are selected to take on these types of jobs.  Stored in your computers or traditional file systems are the most important documents that are necessary for the success of your business.  Electronics also require a watchful eye over temperatures too because extreme cold and hot can damage your computers, laptops, or databases.

Unlike our competition, we are top class when it comes to not only customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction and well-being.  This is why rather than those other guys who pay their staff by the hour, we see our local movers as valued team members.  We all believe that one of the first priorities should be getting you to your new location briskly and safely, so we will not wait around and waste time that should be spent on the road, just in hopes of getting more payment out of you.  Instead, we charge customers by the job, such as apartment moving, instead of by your time, so you can just be made aware of the billing statement ahead, while we take care of all the heavy and difficult work so you can relax.

If you have ever owned a piano, you would have noticed how impossible it is to move one by yourself, even by just an inch just to get that pencil you dropped behind it.  The shape of this great instrument is only meant to create beautiful sounds rather than ease of movement.  Whether you have an upright, baby grand, or grand piano that needs to be moved locally or across the country, we guarantee only our most trusted will be taking care of your piano moving jobs.  Call the tight-knit community leaders of McLemorreshorse Transport & Moving and we can get you set up with a free no-obligation quote upon request.  Our friendly team members can help you get an appointment set up as soon as today.